Valhalla Pure was the first business in Squamish to start donating 1% of it’s profits back to the community through its own endowment fund, back in 2005. The goal of this fund is to support infrastructure projects which benefit Outdoor Recreation and Environmental Projects. The Valhalla Fund, established with the Squamish Community Foundation, is committed to supporting initiatives that contribute to the well-being of both the local environment and its residents. With a focus on sustainability, the fund has become a catalyst for positive change, fostering projects that address issues facing Squamish.

In 2023, the Valhalla Environment Fund made significant strides in supporting the Squamish community through two impactful projects. The first project, sponsored in collaboration with MakeWay Charitable Society, was the Atl’ka7tsem/Howe Sound Marine Stewardship’s “Searching For Slhawt’ Project.” This initiative aimed to survey, monitor and document slhawt’/Pacific herring presence in Átl’a7tsem/Howe Sound, promoting sustainable practices and conservation efforts. The Fund’s support played a crucial role in advancing the project’s research and community engagement, fostering a sense of environmental stewardship among local residents. Photo credits to Marine Stewardship Initiative.

Another noteworthy project supported by the Valhalla Fund in 2023 was the Squamish Food Bank Society’s “Food Recovery Program.” Recognizing the importance of addressing food insecurity in the region, the fund assisted with the Squamish Food Bank Society to operate this program focused on reducing food waste and ensuring that surplus food reached those in need. This initiative not only supported the fight against hunger and contributed to a healthier local environment through food waste reduction but fostered a sense of community support and cooperation, aligning with the fund’s broader mission to enhance the overall quality of life in Squamish.

The initiatives don’t stop there, below is the list of other projects in the last couple years that have received funding from the Valhalla Fund.


Squamish CAN: The new farm has been a beautiful community food asset. We have had hundreds of special guests and visitors to this site, as it is a model of how to establish school farms in BC.

OurSquamish Placement Society: We have improved and activated an underutilized green space into accessible and inviting public seating to sit and gather.

Howe Sound Curling Club: New LED lights have been installed which have helped with reducing energy consumption and wastage.

Squamish Rivershed Watershed Society: We have been connecting local students to salmon and their habitats while releasing 100,000 coho salmon fry saied by Tenderfoot Creek Hatchery.



STS Invasive Species Council: We trained and recruited a team of 9 local volunteers, providing them with the equipment and knowledge they needed to sample for European Green Crab. They passed along information to friends and family about potential impacts of this feisty invasive crab.

Squamish CAN: The grant supported the edible schoolyard program to provide fresh, local and affordable food to community and increase food donations to food bank and shelter. It also helped with funding the irrigation system.

OurSquamish Friendship Benches: The art benches project was an initiative to enhance our public realm and fill the practical purpose of providing needed seating at transit stops. By encouraging public transit ridership, this project is helping to make Squamish greener.

For businesses looking to make a long-term impact in Squamish, creating and growing their own endowment fund with the Squamish Community Foundation provides a unique and effective avenue. By establishing an endowment fund, businesses can contribute to the long-term sustainability of the community, supporting projects that align with their values and priorities. The Squamish Community Foundation offers guidance and expertise in managing endowment funds, ensuring that businesses can maximize their positive influence on Squamish’s social and environmental landscape. Through strategic philanthropy, businesses have the opportunity to not only make a difference today but also leave a lasting legacy for future generations in this vibrant community.

For more information about donating 1% of your gross profits, please reach out to Karen