The Squamish Community Foundation held their 2020 Annual General Meeting on November 10th, where they welcomed several new faces to the Board while bidding farewell to retiring Board members. 


SCF is proud to welcome Suzie Soman, Cam Sherk, and Mark Joedicke to the Board of Directors. Suzie was voted in as Board Chair and brings a wealth of experience in the non-profit sector and community programming. Returning Board members include Doug Hackett, Rob Weys, Rob MacLeod, Carol Coffey, Jill Carter, and David Sweeney. The Board is pleased to appoint Rob Weys as Vice Chair and Carol Coffey as Secretary. 

Retiring from the Board is Darren Roberts who served the SCF for the past six years, and as Chair the past two years. On behalf of the Board of Directors and our community, the SCF would like to express immense gratitude to Darren for his dedication to the Foundation. His leadership has been instrumental in securing new endowments, networking with our community and donors, and bringing humour to board meetings. During his term as Chair, Darren contributed to SCF’s board development and the hiring our new Executive Director, Karen Clarke, this past year.

The SCF would also like to thank Pamela Duynstee for serving on the Board for the past two years, and as Vice Chair in the past year. In her time on the Board, Pamela has made significant contributions to the SCF’s marketing and Annual Grants processes. She established an official Marketing and Community Plan for the Foundation and spearheaded the rebranding and redesign of both the SCF’s logo and website. Pamela was Chair of the Annual Grants Committee in 2020, and will continue to serve as a Grants Committee volunteer going forward. While retiring from the Board, Pamela has moved into a contract role as SCF’s marketing and admin manager. 

Finally, the SCF would like to thank Kate Brandon for her years serving on the Board of Directors and as Chair of the Grants Committee. Kate’s enthusiasm and passion for the wellbeing of our community will be greatly missed. 

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